Our work


Evaluation and monitoring

  • Assessment of experience with a new grant programme and advice to improve measurement and achievement of the desired outcomes
  • Design and establishment of a multi-year monitoring system for a Pacific development programme
  • Assessments of the impact and outcomes for organisations and female trainees in a non-traditional workforce
  • Evaluation of the performance impact of on-farm mentoring and coaching services

Research and consultancy

  • Identify how student representative structures and voice contribute to quality improvement in tertiary education
  • Research and advice for a number of tertiary sector organisations on how to improve outcomes for equity groups
  • Workplace case studies and policy analysis on factors contributing to good workplace health and safety
  • Identify the factors that helped individuals in their recovery and change following childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence using case studies

Market research/consultation

  • Development and testing with tertiary education students of an awareness campaign on pay equity and negotiation skills
  • Assessment of the usability of a government education website with vulnerable learners

Workforce/organisational development

  • Evaluation of professional education and development programmes in areas of disability, health and safety and financial literacy
  • Research into factors that support recruitment and retention in volunteer, non-traditional and public sector workforces
  • Work with a tertiary education provider to enhance their contribution to regional social and economic outcomes
  • Strategic review of student services for a New Zealand university

Communication and promotion

  • Development of user-friendly resources
  • Conference organisation and presentations
  • Partner with FitzBeck Creative to promote and develop materials including publications, web materials and video/photographic resources.

See Current Work and Reports for other specific research and evaluation projects. Or check out ourĀ Presentations on past projects.