Heathrose is an independent provider of research, evaluation and policy thinking. There’s also a bigger agenda – to contribute to the greater good by stimulating debate on important issues in New Zealand.

Heathrose Research Ltd was established in 2008. Heather and Anne, as the principals in the business, draw on a wealth of experience in workplace learning, policy and research and bring a keen focus to a range of social policy, tertiary education, community and equity issues.

To contact us, email or phone 04 384 3543.

Heather McDonald, Director

Heather has combined an interest in workplace issues with public sector management and a natural interest and empathy with people. This makes her especially good at stakeholder engagement which results in great working relationships with clients.

Originally from a science background, Heather started her working life in biological sciences. She then spent many years in community development working to prevent violence against women, before embarking on a career in the public sector.

Heather has established a reputation as an expert on work/family and work/life balance both in New Zealand and overseas. Her areas of expertise also include labour and social policy development, strategic thinking and project leadership. She has worked in the Beehive and the public sector across a range of portfolios including Women’s Affairs, Labour and Education. Heather led the policy development for a range of Government initiatives including the pay and employment equity unit, paid parental leave and out of school care.

In 2015-16, Heather completed a thesis for a Masters in Social Policy. She revisited the 1980s policy development around sexual violence. In particular, she looked at service development and sexual violence prevention policy in order to answer the question – ‘Why do we seem to have made so little progress in addressing sexual violence in New Zealand’?

Anne Alkema, Associate Director: Evaluation

Anne Alkema joined the Heathrose Research team in January 2012. Her shared values and passion for workplace-focused evaluation make her a perfect fit at Heathrose. Anne brings her expertise in evaluating the impact and effectiveness of education and training programmes to the business.

Anne has spent her working life primarily in the secondary and tertiary education sectors. She has held a number of public sector roles over the last 10 years, including leading the development and implementation of change projects in the school and vocational sectors at the Department of Labour, New Zealand Police and Ministry of Education.

In her time in the public sector, Anne has developed and led research and evaluation strategies, developed research work programmes, managed research contracts and conducted evaluations. She has considerable experience in qualification development, quality assurance and strategic planning.

Glenda McCallum, Website Manager

Glenda has overseen the development of the Heathrose website which she continues to update.

Glenda has worked in communications for 20 years in the trade union movement, the community and voluntary sector, and central government. She shares Heathrose’s passion for contributing to the greater good and finding ways to live and support sustainable environmental and work practices.