Women and Leadership Project

Heathrose Research worked alongside Women In Leadership Aoteaora (WILA) to complete research into women’s participation in the leadership of the Social (not for) Profit Sector.

Partly driven off the knowledge that women’s participation in board and senior management roles in the private and government sectors is declining, this research provides much-needed information and support to progress equality in the Social (not for) Profit Sector.

The research programme investigates women’s leadership participation in the Sector as managers, CEOs and Chairs with a view to identifying innovative leadership practices and developing recommendations. These have been made available to government agencies and decision-makers, Sector organisations, and women’s networks.

Heathrose Research made a voluntary contribution to this programme and grants have generously been provided by the New Horizons for Women Trust and the Industrial Relations Fund.

Download the report Te Mana Tu o te Wahine: Women as Leaders in the Community and Voluntary Sector here (PDF, 718kb)

The research proposal is based on a 2010 report from the UK, Close to Parity: Challenging the voluntary sector to smash the glass ceiling.

Visit the WILA website here.  Visit the New Horizons for Women Trust website here.